Friday, August 27, 2010

LEKI - thank you

During my descent off Donahue Pass in a hail storm, I fell on my beloved Leki Ti Makalus.  I love my trekking poles, and they've hiked nearly every mile I've ever hiked.  They've been durable and saved me from countless wipe outs.  I think of my poles as my forelegs.

I was completely distraught that I had warped one of my front legs.  I e-mailed Leki as soon I could (from Tuolemne Meadows), and Marty wrote back within a few days.  He was incredibly patient, and helped me get a new pole section.  Customer service at Leki is fantastic.  Thanks Marty and Leki.

Ashland, Oregon

We are in Ashland, Oregon and finally across the CA border! Unfortunately I can't upload pictures, the next time may be on Cascade Locks at the OR border and if not there, well, it may have to wait until after the trip. We are doing large miles now and still plan on approximately a Oct 15th or earlier finish. If the weather comes, it comes.

Our next official mail drop if you wanted to send something is at Cascade Locks. Please make sure any packages arrive by September 13th.

(hiker name)
c/o General Delivery
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

What can I say? The trail is going great, we are definitely feeling like we are in the stretch run now, two more states to. Less than 1,000 miles and approximately 6 weeks to do it. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and much love :). I'd write more but there is just too much to do in towns and we are heading out shortly.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are officially across the border. Sweet sweet Oregon

Friday, August 13, 2010

Next mail drop: Ashland: e.g. [name] c/o General Delivery, Ashland, OR 97520
Mt. Shasta in view. Oregon, here we come!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Zero Day in Old Station, CA at the Heitman's

Today we took a somewhat unplanned but VERY relaxing zero at the Heitman's, one of the most well-known hiker hostels on the trail in Old Station, CA. It's been a fun stretch. Since our last major update, we've hit the Desolation Wilderness north of South Lake Tahoe and follows the Tahoe Rim Trail, then north across famous areas like Donner Pass. This stretch has mostly been marked by some incredible company.

We've been hiking on/off in a large group - we often would criss-cross and many of us would camp near or at the same places. El Presidente, Farmboy, Splints, Whiffle Chicken, Swiss Miss, T-Bone, Hiker X and Grinder were all usually near our group or hiking with our group, alternating depending on where people were resupplying. We also had 3 of Steiner's friends, Megan, Anna and Nick, come out to camp with us for two nights, which was a fantastic time. You can see pictures of all of these people and our guests in the new pictures I put up at:

Sobohobos Pictures

New pictures start here.

We hit two of the best hiker hostels on the trail in the Red Moose Cafe at Sierra City and the Heitman's in Old Station. The Red Moose Cafe is brand new and has free laundry, internet, camping in a converted restaurants for hikers only. They serve incredible breakfast and dinner at all you can eat portions. The Heitman's are more of the same. We also had a great stop at Chester, CA with Piper's Mom, another trail angel, and the most incredible hot pool spring and dinner at Drakesbad. Anyways, we're enjoying it because this is the most rich stretch of the trail in terms of trail angels/hostels/hot spring resorts.

If you haven't mailed something to Mt. Shasta yet, if it's not getting there by Friday do NOT send anything :).

We're looking forward to more good times and great hiking companions, not to mention just plain ol' enjoying nature and being out here. We're told there's some great stuff ahead and we can't wait to get there!

-Barrel Roll

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Halfway Point - Chester, CA

Quick update from a trail angel's house in Chester, CA. We are just past the halfway point at mile marker 1334 or so, and moving right along - onto Drakesbad tonight and Old Station, CA for a stay at the Heitman's on Sunday night. Our next mail drop is at Mt. Shasta, CA with details below in Steiner's post. Not sure what our ETA is but i'd recommend not having something get there later than 10 days or so.

Many thanks to Piper's Mom, who picked us up from the trail at 8 PM, drove us to the Frosty Shack for burgers and shakes, had us stay at her house and just cooked us an incredible breakfast with awesome blueberry pancakes.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Next mail drop: Mt. Shasta: e.g.

c/o General Delivery
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067