Monday, July 26, 2010

South Lake Tahoe

Zeroing in SLT.  A few quick updates:

High Sierras status:  done
We are officially out of the High Sierras.  I sent home the last of the heavy winter gear, hopefully not needed again on this trip.  Fingers crossed, we'll get through the Cascades before we're battling the snow again.

Also, went across Donahue Pass in a hail storm.  At one point, the the hail was the size of marbles, and broke the glasses of the woman behind me.  I kept my hat on, and head on.  There but for the grace of God...

Entering Desolation Wilderness
We are now hiking contiguously with the Tahoe Rim Trail, which I hiked with BR and Leila in 2008.  On the trail, we met Renee who has been a wonderful trail angel.  She, her husband Mark, and her son Dane have welcomed us into their home in an incredible show of hospitality.  Congratulations to them and their 30th anniversary.

Up next: Northern California
We really need to turn up the miles for the next few months, or we'll be hiking in snow near Canada.  We had a sobering planning session where we determined that we will need to average 22mi/day to finish in time.  That said, don't worry, Mom, I'll be home for Thanksgiving.

And, special shout out to the Spicer-Utgoffs, and Megan who will be joining us next Saturday in Sierra City.  

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  1. So glad to hear you are at my favorite place on earth. Please tell BR know we all think of him often and grab a bite for me at the Divided Sky or better yet, a rum runner at Camp Richardson--not far from the entrance to Desolation Wilderness. Great live music on the beach Wed.-Sun. Take care. Sandy and the gang at A16.