Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling Good in Lone Pine, CA

Wow..the Sierra's are absolutely gorgeous! Spent the last week hiking from Kennedy Meadow's to Onion Valley. Our two major feats have been a side trip to summit Mount Whitney (the highest point in the lower 48) and crossing snowy Forester Pass (the highest point on the official PCT). The way down both peaks involved significant bush-wacking including some hot ice axe action and glissading. Weeeeee! Am thankful to wake up each morning in such beautiful places and am excited to see more. While I have definitely improved (passed several people and was never passed on the way up Whitney!), I am still working on strength and endurance and hopefully will be able get stronger so I can start making bigger miles (Canada is far away!). Also, once again, I raided my pack to help loose weight. Today, camera case, extra shirt, sitting pad, knife, and mug went.

Spending the day in Lone Pine, CA where several Westerns have been filmed. It is fun to see all these small towns I normally would not have passed through. Thanks Mom and Dad for the care passage. I can't wait to tuck in to the meat, cheese, and da barrs. ;)

Hope everyone is well. Miss you tons.

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