Thursday, May 6, 2010

And then there were two...

Hello All. Steiner is letting me “contribute to” (i.e. clutter) her blog space during the PCT and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself before jumping in with bear fears and gear chat.

Me and my daddy longs hit the pacific crest trail with Steiner, Moose Charmer, and Barrel Roll on June 2nd. I’m taking an opportunity before bschool to challenge myself outside of my usual Excel universe and hopefully see some stunning views along the way. With little (closer to no) hiking experience, I am approaching this 2,650 mile trek as a series of several (20+) week-long journeys and will continue to move my pack forward only as I am learning and having fun. That being said, it is my goal to thru hike the entire PCT so I will make it a point to keep my mind busy with math challenges, books, & astronomy and focus on weekly mileage goals.

Being a quintessential oldest child, I am practical, literal, and driven. While these attributes have afforded me many incredible opportunities, my sensibility sometimes steers and I need to remind myself that life not inevitable and that it does not need to be habitual. That I can (and should) occasionally start completely new and foreign adventures, challenging myself to learn and grow outside of a traditional business or academic environment. I am also aware that not everyone has an opportunity to own their life in this way and I am thankful for such freedom.

It is for the following reasons that I have decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail:
· To remind myself that there is more than work and school and that I am in a position to choose something outside of those sets
· To challenge myself physically
· To challenge myself in mentally and emotionally
· To experience incredibly scenery - get ready for some picture posts!
· To solidify career / life goals before jumping into bschool
· To stretch my daddy longs

While I am in the woods (desert, glaciers, etc.), it is not my intent to wholly separate myself from civilization, grow a beard, or become a hunter / gatherer (mac n’ cheese and peanut m&m’s, here I come!). I will check my cell when I can. For those friends who will be on the West Coast anytime from June through October text your date/ locations and hopefully we can meet up for a meal - I promise to try to find a shower beforehand. Postcards / packages at any point on the trail will be much appreciated and we will post our mail drops soon. Also, you can follow me on twitter @mctrail

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